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May 9th, 2013

You’ve found one of the blogging spaces of Dawn McIlvain Stahl. Sorry to disappoint, but I haven’t time to do it justice right now!

I’m a professional freelance copyeditor and writer with many interests. Exceptions: calculus, catheters, and cake. And sometimes even cake is awesome. See Copyediting.com for the daily informative and entertaining posts I write for the copyediting community. See Light & Life Communications for examples of my content editing and proofing for monthly magazines and online. See my Google books profile for a partial list of mostly academic, book-length projects. Catch up with me on Google+ and Twitter if you’d like. Or, for a real time sink, check out my bookish, designish, randomish Pinterest boards.

Contact me today to see how I can wield my purple editing pen to enhance understanding between you and your readers.

Dawn McIlvain Stahl Editorial Services: Summary

April 16th, 2009

Freelance editor with more than 10 years experience copyediting, copywriting, and proofreading scholarly, academic, and marketing materials.

Skilled and experienced editor offering substantive editing, copyediting, copywriting, and proofreading, within specified budgets and deadlines. Experience includes scholarly volumes, higher education texts, fiction, marketing and promotional materials, Web sites, and film projects. Strengths and specialties include:

  • Respectful and helpful communication and attitude
  • Proficiency with diverse software
  • Advanced electronic editing techniques and document/file management
  • Maintaining author voice and ensuring clarity as appropriate to audience
  • Experience with ESL materials and polishing writing of non-native speakers
  • Breadth of genres, including scholarly monographs, contributed volumes and readers, college-level textbooks, magazines, adult and young adult fiction, poetry, graphic novels, training materials, book marketing copy, brochures, information packets, Web pages, and film scripts
  • Breadth of topics, including education, social science, humanities, reference, business, science, history, biography, women’s studies, labor, religion/philosophy, psychology/self-help, mass communication, performing arts, and alternative medicine
  • “Dawn is a very experienced and reliable copyeditor, who can be counted on to keep to a schedule, and whose years of editing experience are obvious in her work. She edits thoughtfully, preserving the author’s voice, and she knows when and what to query—without overquerying. I wholeheartedly endorse her copyediting.”—Rob Siedenburg, Editing Manager Editor, Publication Services