If I’m not here, I must be somewhere else!

You’ve found one of the blogging spaces of Dawn McIlvain Stahl. Sorry to disappoint, but I haven’t time to do it justice right now!

I’m a professional freelance copyeditor and writer with many interests. Exceptions: calculus, catheters, and cake. And sometimes even cake is awesome. See Copyediting.com for the daily informative and entertaining posts I write for the copyediting community. See Light & Life Communications for examples of my content editing and proofing for monthly magazines and online. See my Google books profile for a partial list of mostly academic, book-length projects. Catch up with me on Google+ and Twitter if you’d like. Or, for a real time sink, check out my bookish, designish, randomish Pinterest boards.

Contact me today to see how I can wield my purple editing pen to enhance understanding between you and your readers.

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